CompTIA Trainings


Shri Bhatia

November 2, 2020

Hide Cyber Security is a great place for Cyber Security Training! I have taken many cyber security courses with him and highly recommend him as a coach. He has a vast knowledge in information security.

Zakaria mussa

December 25, 2021

I'm very happy to be your student, because you are the best trainer i ever seen, without you it's very tough to get experience like this , Alhamdulilaah we all completely finishing our training

Firoz Ansari

November 26, 2020

Hide Cyber Security is a best place to learn Cyber Security. The style of teaching is simple yet effective. Most important you have very high possibility of cracking your exams under the guidance.

Dharma sastha

October 1, 2021

Hide Cyber Security has a wide source about the cyber security world, and it shares a lot of live examples , experiences it's came across which is very useful. Recommended for cyber security trainings.

Mikey M. 🇵🇦

April 2, 2021

I had the pleasure to be a student of Hide Cyber Security. According my experiences, Hide Cyber Security have very professional, punctual, serious and knowledgeable trainers in the IT Security Field.

Manav G.

March 14, 2021

The best thing about getting trained by Hide Cyber Security was, at the end of the training we worked on a real time project where we applied whatever we had learned earlier. Later , they taught us how to make a report out of our assessment.

Ajay Anand

February 16, 2022

Hide Cyber Security has worked for us on many occasions to provide Seminars/ Workshops. The way of teaching has put a great impact on the students mind. Students are now more career oriented and more focused.

Sankalp Saxena

April 22, 2022

Hide Cyber Security is an expert in the field of Cyber Security. They always gets the work done with utmost satisfaction of all stakeholders.